GCAS--An Alternative Education Project

GCAS is a non-profit alternative school that was the first in the world to bring together world leading intellectuals and activists in a live and interactive way with anyone who had an internet connection. That was back in 2013. Today, more than four years later, we have reached over 1 million people and hosted hundreds of lectures, events, participants, conferences and more. This newsletter gives you an update about what we've been doing lately. Our ultimate goal is to make this free for anyone--but to do this we need your help.

GCAS needs you to get involved. You can do this by signing up to our E-School (live and interactive seminars). If you sign-up in the next 24 hours we will give you a voucher good for 50% off your first live on-line seminar.

Go here to sign-up:  GCAS E-School

Seminars starting in November
 "What is Love Made of?"  [Video]
"Dismantling Oedipus: Theory and Practice"  [Video]

We have recently opened the first degree granting higher education research institute in recent academic history that was founded and operated by world-leading intellectuals and activists: GCAS Research Institute Ireland

In a world that is looking for alternatives to income inequality, student-loan debt, the re-emergence of fascism, anti-intellectualism, and a general feeling of hopelessness, we offer an alternative community that comes together to think-differently, adventurously, and hopefully about the future. The future, after all, is in our hands.  What we believe is that we need strategies, organization and knowledge to create new networks of communication: GCAS is doing this. Join us because we say "Yes" to a world that says "No." 

Can you help by becoming a yearly member for $5?  Help us out as we are completely independent and don't take funds from corporations, advertisers, or foundations because we believe education should be open and free from collusion.

Join us for our 4th annual Summer Institute and Conference "Aesthetic Resistance & Performance: Philosophy, Fascism, Democracy" held at the Performing Arts Forum in France June 4-15 (Conference 9-10). Present a paper and join our community.

Here are some recent publications about our alternative school:

Truthout.org "The Time for the Intellectual-Activists Has Come"


We have been busy getting our archive up as soon as possible. If you would like to donate and assist us in getting our archive up and make it free to the public consider donating to GCAS. We need $2000 to make this happen.

Together we can grow by developing new knowledge, strategies and organize for a better future.

Creston Davis