Here's an example of a lecture in GCAS E-School. This lecture took place in Prof. Daniel Tutt's GCAS series, "Resistance, Protest & Social Struggles" that also featured, Azfar Hussain. 

Joshua Clover, PhD teaches at the University of California-Davis.

GCAS E-School will be launching our 2017-2018 courses next month. Check out more than 30 courses. The purpose of the E-School is to share research, information and to discuss and plan together a way forward where critical thinking is valued in a global and local context. 

This year we have folks like Alain Badiou, Luce Irigaray, Brad Evans, Henry Giroux, Lewis Gordon, Azfar Hussain, Houzan Manhmoud, Julie Reshe among many others on diverse and important topics. 

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