Image Credit: fragment from Artist, Harrison Pedigo, "Philosophy by Harrison Pedigo"

By Creston Davis

Thinking is the process of considering or reasoning about something. Thinking is thus inherently relational--it puts into relation objects, events, subjects. It also assumes a certain background structure that's operating--a structure by which a relation (among things) itself emerges. In other words, the precondition of thinking assumes both a relation and a structure, that is, the structure that frames relation. Such structures can include context and power among other structures, but is, in every way embedded in language.

Without language there is no structure, no relation. At the same time language itself cannot determine relation in its absolute sense. Relation is indeterminate but not in the same way that language is indeterminate. 

Structures, such as an ideological structure or apparatus can be visible or invisible, conscious or unconscious. Structures don't determine relation, but can disguise it and often does.  Thus, and this is one among many insights:  thinking itself as indeterminate relation, contingent upon structure and language, is both indeterminate and determined (contingent and dependent). 

The contingency of thinking as relation to itself and to objects thus holds an inherent power within itself--a certain revolt to and critical distance from the view that structure and language are themselves absolute determinations of things.  Thinking in other words, cannot be fully assumed into ideological apparatuses.

So to think and to think differently awakens a power infinite in its relation to its indeterminacy.  This is why for me, it is important to constantly create moments of thinking outside or beyond traditional venues or contexts in which it's normally assumed to happened in it's predictable forms and internal content. This can be called the shifting the geography of reasoning that in fact also includes other forms by which thinking takes its task up into itself.  

This is precisely why, organizing and framing different modalities within which thinking can happen poses a direct threat to the status quo.