the passions that flow...

a meditation by Creston Davis

more powerful than any bomb are the passions that compose and express the composition we call "existence".  whatever it may be, these passions for life and death with equal portion measured are unstoppable. the problem is desire itself is unknowable, like a god-spirit hovering over the deep. it's as if this god-desire-spirit functions outside the body, bodies, minds, hearts, fingers and toes and yet needs them to appear in-the-world.

is it possible that these passions for life and death both save and condemn us to the grave and ecstasy, too-- like the playing on a violin back and forth-- the gravitational forces of moon, star, sun , water and earth wax and wane?

forces of evil and destruction-- of love and construction play out their game. to be in their midst exploring with others in a community committed to an idea--to truths and their actualization-- is for me the thread that stitches everything together and without which all "this" is but a demonic joke. to laugh at the void, the spirit hovering over the deep, is like being with a lover whose arms are well worn in the shape of your soul. a soul that is yours, which also belongs to the infinite passions of all there is, was, and ever will be. Amen


image: a painting by Marina Nelson, "The Fluid Nature of Desire"