Costs & Fees + Certificate Seminars for Spring 2018 


Introduction to Philosophy & Psychoanalysis (Saturday January 20, 2018) free to the public.

Topics Seminars:  Live and Interactive (4): $50  (total: $200)

Individual Training (Optional):  Six (6) individual sessions (40 minutes each) $500

Project: $0 (unless you need support)

Certificate: $15* (price depends on method of procurement--see below)

Total Cost: $215

Requirements: To be considered for acceptance into the GCAS Certificate Program in Philosophy & Psychoanalysis you must be prepared to seriously challenge how and what you think about the world and your place in the world. There is no age limit or education requirement. 

Admission: Deadline for the next program is 1 January 2018. The next program starts on January 20, 2018 with the introductory session (free). 

*Certificate Document: The GCAS Certificate in Philosophy & Psychoanalysis can be procured in two way: (a) Non-Sealed, PDF document sent to your email ($15) ; or (b) A Hard-Copy Certificate Stamped with the GCAS Seal, which can be mailed to your address ($15+ shipping and handling). Prices for shipping will vary depending on your location and method of delivery (i.e., Express, 2nd Day, etc.).  

Student Handbook

Have questions? Email us @ <> or schedule an e-meeting or telephone conversation.


Certificate Program Spring Seminar Offerings

Spring 2018 Seminars in the Philosophy & Psychoanalysis Certificate Program

"What is Love Made Of?"  Professor Julie Reshe, PhD   Date:  January-February 2018 (Saturdays)

"Child, Trauma, Love"  Professor Julie Reshe, PhD        Date:  March-April 2018 (Saturdays)

"Epistemology"   Professor Creston Davis, PhD            Date:  March-April 2018 (Sundays)

"The Breakout: Psychoanalysis & Energy"  Prof. Clayton Crockett, PhD   Date: April 8, 15, 29)

"Introduction to Deleuze" Prof. Keith Faulkner, PhD   Date: March 2018 (Sunday Nights EST)

"Spectral Bodies: Witches, Hysterics & Mediums" Prof. Erin Yerby, PhD (Brown University) TBA

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