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GCAS  Research Institute Ireland

Project for Certificate Program Outlines


To complete the certificate program you must complete a "Project".

A project can range widely from a research paper, experimental writing, art-work, a short film, coding, a musical composition, a journal article etc.

You must submit the proposal for your project to Petra Paulic (Assistant) @ <petra.paulic@gcas.ie>

You will have one year to complete the requirements for the program starting on the day you enroll.

Your proposal must include the following:


1 PDF formatted document

2. Your name

3. Your email

4. A short description of your proposed project

5. The planned date of completion


Petra and Tere will examine your projects and get back to you with our suggestions and comments.

Your project will be engaged by Petra and Tere and we will give you feedback on it. If you’d like we can publish some of them.

The projects proposal doesn’t have a deadline so long as you complete the project within one year of enrolling in the program.

You will not receive the GCAS Certificate until you complete all requirements for the program.



Petra Paulic, Assistant Director

Tere Vaden, Director