Houzan Mahmoud-Public Intellectual based in London

Feminist Resistance and Activism between Theory and Practice

Course Description: This course is led by one of the world's leading public-intellectuals and activists for women especially for the Kurdish plight in the middle-east. This is a unique opportunity to study with someone who's life is devoted to justice, someone whom doesn't simply write or speak about issues but embodies them.

Three Lectures:

Four Lectures:

1. Feminist resistance in the age of neoliberal (NGO-isation) (Sept 10 at 11 am London Time)

2. ‘Sisterhood’, ‘internationalism’ and the post-modern “identity politics” (Sept 17 at 11 am London Time)

3. Pacifism vis-a-vis women’s armed resistance (Kurdish women’s armed resistance) as a case study. Kurdish women between peace and war (Sept 24 at 11 am London Time)

4. Atheism as a feminist issue in the era of religious fundamentalism (Oct 1 at 11 am London Time)