December 23 3pm (UTC/GMT -3 hours)

Creston Davis and Francisco González Castro 

An artist and a philosopher meet to discuss the state of art and its relationship to the social body, geopolitics and how resistance is defined, constructed, and organized.

Live, on-line seminar from Santiago Chile


Francisco González Castro 

As a creator, I work different artistic practices, such as visual arts and writing, but I also carry out research projects, curatories and works related to education.

Bearing in mind that the market and capitalist structures have subsumed the art, the focus of my entire production today is to generate events, expand authorship and expand the limits of artistic work, seeking the concretion of a political-artistic practice.

As art spaces are flooded with sophisticated craftsmanship, the constant work on the boundary raises the starting point of my proposals, at the same time seeking to distance myself from idealistic speculation in works, focusing on concrete practice, assuming that the first effect of the work occurs in one, in one's own body.

Not all art is political, creative action is required for it to be, and from there, to look for a political-artistic practice and its subsequent effects.

Francisco González Castro (1984) Artist, curator and researcher. B.A. in Art (2006) and M.A. in Arts (2009) at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. PhD [candidate] in Arts (2013-), Visual Arts, in the same institution.

As an artist, he has developed his work since 2005 to date with exhibitions and presentations, both individual and collective, in Chile (Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Concepción and Valdivia) as well as abroad (Sweden, Germany, Spain, France and the United States). In addition, he has done various projects as curator, focused on establishing relationships between artists of different generations around issues of art and society. In his works and research he approaches social and political themes around the power and reflections of the usefulness of art as an element of concrete change in society and within the contingency, positioning the concept of the political-artistic. Highlights are the projects: “In between / art y society” (2012), “In between / art and contingency” (2014) and “Layers of Disappearing: 1002 of 7000” (2016). He has also presented his research in various congresses and magazines in Chile and abroad. Recently published the book “Performance Art in Chile: histories, processes and discourses”.

He has worked in different educational institutions in vulnerable contexts, as an assistant for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the Faculty of Arts of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and as a professor at  the Universidad UNIACC.