Instructor: Gevevieve Sartor, PhD Candidate (Trinity College, Dublin)

Course Description: This course will begin by establishing a concrete understanding of how the concept of Oedipus organizes much of psychoanalytic theory. The first session will focus on Freud’s theory of Oedipus, before turning to how Melanie Klein appropriated it in her work on object relations. In the second session we will look closely at Jacques Lacan’s substantial revision of Oedipus through the Name(s)-of-the-Father, before finishing with Deleuze and Guattari’s critique of psychoanalysis’ use of this model.

Equipped with theory, we will begin to approach the way that the Oedipal operates in contemporary politics, especially the rise of a destructive populist dimension. The third session will focus on the concept of nationalism as a return to a traditional, heavily Oedipal family unit as a response to the negative effects of globalisation. For the fourth and final session, we will turn to how dismantling current political Oedipal frameworks can be successfully achieved in advocating new social and political forms.

Meeting Times: (Live and Online): Sundays Nov, 26, Dec 2, Dec 9 and Dec 16 at 1pm New York Time (specific time of sessions to be announced)