Giovanni Tusa, PhD


Giovanni Tusa is a philosopher and media researcher based in Paris and Madrid. He has studied in philosophy, contemporary arts, cinema in Italy, Barcelona, London, Cuba, Russia, Canada. As a documentary filmmaker and video artist, Professor Giovanni Tusa has had his works screened in Cuba, London documentary film festival, Biennale della Danza in Venice, Coimbra and Paris. Giovanni has been Research Fellow at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France, where he collaborated with other researchers from institutions all over the world. His research interests include Deconstruction and resistance, Derrida, Heidegger and the being-away of the living, archives and the spectral heritage, Antonio Negri and the politics to come, Jean-Luc Nancy and the limit of absolute singularity, cinematic language and the violence of editing, Deleuze and nomadic hope, architecture, contemporary cinema, Pasolini, parasitism, and animal philosophy.