The Global Center for Advanced Studies

GCAS and GCAS Ireland Research Institute is doing something historic and we invite you to partner with us. GCAS Ireland is the first research institutes in modern history that was founded, organized and operated by intellectuals and activists seeking to change the corporate for-profit paradigm through debt-free, high quality education. To make this happen we need your support. 

In 2013 GCAS was the first school to create a hybrid learning space in which anyone in the world could learn from world leading intellectuals and activists both interactively on-line, in our E-School and in person. Since 2013, we have formed strong democratic networks that connects people and organizations around the world.

We believe that teaching is an act of resisting authoritarianism and oppression through empowerment, shared ideas and projects. Education today is debt-based (1.5 trillion in student loan debt) and we created an alternative. Education is about liberating ourselves from oppression on all levels, personally and collectively.

By changing yourself the world changes.

What we do:

teach, news, conferences, workshops, publish, research, collaborate, archive and partner with other like minded organization. We offer BA, MA and PhD degrees in "Social and Political Thought". We award our own degrees whilst seeking validation within the European Qualifications Framework.

We need your help to continue growing.

The Founding Director, Dr. Creston Davis in Athens

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I've been breathing for the last 10 days or so thanks to/in the midst of strangers turning into breath-sustaining buddies and friends, under the umbrella of GCAS conference and summer institute. How awesome is that, to breathe freely. Can't wait to see and be a little fraction of this glorious thought-thinking-pie this fall already...mmm:) Love and peace


Luce Irigaray, PhD



I believe in GCAS and encourage you to help support this school


Luce teaches for GCAS in Paris every Fall

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Gordon Lewis, PhD


We need a school like GCAS. I encourage you to support us and help create a needed alternative that reaches the Global South

GCAS Honorary President (2017)


Empower Change-Makers

They told us, "There is no Alternative"

We say, "There is hope, solidarity, and democracy"

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Adrian Parr, PhD


GCAS is a needed alternative that believes in a better world than the one we have. GCAS says, "Yes" to a world that says, "No"

Give to the Future

GCAS Education for People not Profits

Let's Learn and Grow Together

Help Create a Better Future

Oliver Stone  


This is a serious school worth supporting. Oliver taught at GCAS' seminar, "Democracy Rising" Brooklyn 2015

Alain Badiou, PhD


GCAS is a new school and I support this enterprise. Honorary President of GCAS 2015.

What Students are Saying

GCAS Liberates us from Corporate debt-based Education. We call that "enslavement"

Henry Giroux, PhD  


This is a real alternative education so needed today. Support GCAS and help build a resistance. 

Help us Change the world

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela
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