GCAS Faculty

September 2017

Julie Reshe, PhD 

is Professor of Psychoanalysis and the Director of GCAS Institute of Psychoanalysis. Drawing from philosophy, psychoanalysis, neuroscience and art, her multi-disciplinary approach is focused on issues of cultural posthumanism. Articulating the non-human, the trans-subjective and the modifiable, her critique disputes traditional ways of life. Her research interests include evolution of language and culture, education, childhood studies, gender and sexuality. Julie publishes regularly in both mainstream magazines and refereed academic journals. She holds an M.A. degree in Philosophy from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Julie also studied cultural theory in National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis in Slovenia, where she studied under the supervision of Alenka Zupančič in Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.


Houzan Mahmoud, Activist

is an Iraqi Kurdish feminist, public lecturer and co-founder of Culture Project, She has an MA in Gender Studies from SOAS-London University. She was born in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1973 and currently residing and working in London. She cofounded and worked several organisations in Iraq. Her articles were published in UK publications including The Independent and The Guardian, The Tribune, The New Statesman and others. Houzan led many campaigns internationally, including campaigns against the rape and abduction of women in Iraq, and against the imposition of Islamic sharia law in Kurdistan and Iraqi constitution. She led many other campaigns around the world against so called honour killings, and against violation of freedom of expression. She is winner of 2016 Emma Humphrey’s Memorial Award. Houzan is an Advisory Board member for The Global Centre for Advanced Studies journal, "Engaged Humanities”. Houzan organises conferences and seminars both in UK and Kurdistan to raise awareness about feminism, gender, feminist art critique and secularism. In addition she takes part in conferences around the world to speak on issues around feminism, activism and her leftist vision for a better future for humanity.


Joshua Ramey, PhD 


is currently Assistant Professor at Grinnell College and Professor of Philosophy at the Global Center for Advanced Studies. He earned his PhD from Villanova University. His areas of research are contemporary continental philosophy, critical theory, philosophy of religion, and the history of esoteric traditions. His publications to date includeThe Hermetic Deleuze: Philosophy and Spiritual Ordeal, as well as numerous articles on the work of thinkers such as Plato, Bruno, Adorno, Zizek, Badiou, Laruelle, and Meillassoux. Forthcoming work includes a translation of François Laruelle’s Mystique non-philosophique à l’usage des contemporains (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2014), an edited volume, The Enigmatic Absolute: Speculation, Heresy, and Gnosis in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion (Ashgate, 2014), and the first book of a planned multi-volume project, Politics of Divination: Economic Endgame and the Religion of Contingency(Palgrave-Macmillan, 2014). With theorist, Indradeep Ghosh, he blogs at www.absoluteeconomics.com.

Creston Davis, PhD


Creston Davis is the Founder and Director of The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS). Along with Slavoj Zizek, Clayton Crockett, and Jeffrey Robbins, Creston currently co-edits Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics & Culture (an academic book series published by Columbia University Press). He has published several books including Paul’s New Moment (with Slavoj Zizek & John Milbank), The Monstrosity of ChristHegel & the Infinite (with Zizek and Clayton Crockett), Theology & the Political (with Zizek and Milbank), Theology after Lacan: A Passion for the Real (with Marcus Pound and Crockett), and Contradiction & America (with Alain Badiou) forthcoming.

His work has appeared in Rethinking MarxismAngelakiPoliticalTheology, Philosophy Today among other journals. He wrote the Foreword to Peter Sloterdijk’s Philosophical Temperaments: From Plato to Foucault and co-edited New Slant (an academic book series published by Duke University Press).

In addition to his academic writings, he contributes to The European MagazineAl Jazeera (English), CounterpunchTruthout, and The Huffington Post and has written two novels (forthcoming).