1-Year GCAS Live E-School Subscriber

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1-Year GCAS Live E-School Subscriber

600.00 1,200.00

Help build an Alternative 

Purchase a 1-Year Live Subscription and Help Co-Create an Education Alternative

1-Year Live E-School Subscription

Help Co-Create An Education Alternative

Offer Good until September 1, 2017 Only

Be part of building an education model for people not profit. By becoming a Life-Time GCAS E-School subscriber, you will help co-create a school designed to connect people and organize workshops, seminars, and community action-networks, in order to address the many ways we can propose ways of solving the most pressings issues of our time on both the global and local levels. 

At GCAS we hold courses online and in two-ways: (a) Live and Interactive; and (b) Archived Courses that allow you to take them at your own pace. What you're subscribing to is having access to our Live courses (option a) but if you purchase this subscription before 1 September, 2017 you will have access to both (a) and (b) options. 

What you receive in return

A 1-Year Live GCAS E-School Subscriber has all-inclusive access, for one-year (Sep 1, 2017-Aug 30, 2018) to all our standard live seminars* and archived course material (i.e., previously recorded and all recorded 2017-2018 (till Sep 2018).  If you subscribe by August 30, you will receive a coupon good for $100 off one of our non-standard seminars in our GCAS E-School Live courses (some restrictions apply)** There are many upcoming courses to choose from, so have a look on the hyperlink: GCAS E-School



All Access to our Archived Seminars (past and future) until the end of August, 2018

A coupon of $100 off any non-standard live seminars** anytime during the 2017-2018 academic year until August 30, 2018

A GCAS T-Shirt, Book-Marker, and Pen

A signed copy of a book that one of our faculty members have written***

Preference to signing up to any live seminar 


*Our "Standard" Live seminars are $100 (unless otherwise stated).

**Non-Standard live seminar courses are seminars that are over $100 (i.e., The Alain Badiou event in Paris in April, 2018).

*** Shipping address required