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GCAS is a non-profit education research institute and school created by over 100 of the world's more renowned intellectuals and activists. It's difficult to summarize all the incredible events, seminars, conferences, workshops that GCAS has created over the past four years, but one thing's certain, we are changing the way thinking, learning and activism happen. And it's so necessary in these times where the status quo actively underwrites new forms of authoritarianism, economic inequality, student and consumer debt, militarizing the police and public spaces, threatening access to democratic procedures, access to health care, and stuffing people into profit making prisons. It's time we collectively and globally stop just liking Facebook posts too easily complaining and started creating spaces in which new kinds of thinking and action happen. 

Becoming a Lifetime GCAS Patron you will help us keep growing, expanding, preserving and creating new and different ways to live, learn and to make a better life for all human-beings and our planet. 

Our books are kept by the Founder and President of Financial Comfort, Regina Lian Iulo. 

Ms. Iulo is a former Fortune 500 senior finance administrator who now brings the keys of corporate success to growing businesses. She offers forty years of finance and management expertise gained with corporate giants including Avon Products, Fox Video and Starbucks Coffee. She has consulted for CNN News, New Line Cinema, and Republic National Bank (now HSBC).

Ms Iulo holds a B.B.A. in Accounting and an M.B.A. in Finance. She is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor and Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional. She is also certified in NetSuite Essentials and Intacct.

 Regina Lian Iulo, Founding President of Financial Comfort

Regina Lian Iulo, Founding President of Financial Comfort

Your funds will be used to help us purchase a physical building in which we will house our school. We invite you to see all our operations including access to our "Intent to Purchase Property" letters. 

What you receive for giving

Your name will be inscribed on a plaque located in the front entrance. 

You will be our lifelong guest at all GCAS events.


By working together we will continue achieving what many think is impossible. 

Thank you for supporting us. Now we'd like you to consider getting involved.

We invite you to speak directly with our Founding Director, Dr. Creston Davis.