Prof. Julie Reshe Seminar

Psychoanalysis, Philosophy & Neuroscience (with a guest lecture from Prof. Catherine Malabou)


Freud began his career as a promising neurologist, but found the neurological science of his day was not advanced enough to answer his questions.

Although he believed that attempts to bring together neurology and psychoanalysis would be premature at his time, he always admired biology, thinking of it as of “a land of unlimited possibilities”, and he had no doubt that a fruitful conjunction of neurology and psychoanalysis will be possible in the future.

In this course we will explore contemporary attempts to bridge psychoanalysis, neuroscience and philosophy, relying widely on works of the most prominent contemporary thinker in this field, Catherine Malabou.

The course will focus on four key concepts: plasticity, cerebrality, trauma and wonder.

Lecture 1:  Freud as a Neuroscientist

Lecture 2: Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis

Lecture 3: Cerebrality vs. Sexuality: Trauma, Affects, Wonder

Lecture 4: Guest Lecture Prof. Catherine Malabou