Welcome to our New, New YOrk City Center Site. OUr NYC center is currently being organized with a Re-boot launch date for sometime in the fall 2019.

This center will focus on philosophy and new Ventures.

The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) is a decentralized education eco-system & network comprised of intellectuals, researchers, scholars, farmers, publishers, writers, artists, coders, new green business folks, EdTech visionaries, and economists organized in many places throughout the world. We have incorporated non-profit and for-profit companies the latter of which is co-owned and organized by the faculty, staff and graduates of GCAS College Dublin, Ltd.

GCAS College Dublin is a new college offering BA, MA and PhD degrees in low residency, online and in person settings and through our publicly available programs in our ESchool. We are committed to debt-free high-quality education in an ecologically, collaborative and economically sustainable way. Our programs seek to empower students with the capacity to earn funds pursuing rigorous degrees, while simultaneously discovering and applying new solutions to our most vexing global problems. When students graduate they are invited to become co-owners of GCAS College with the faculty.

Some of our locations include DublinSantiago, Sydney, Santa Barbara, and near Bordeaux, France.

Welcome to the Future of Education

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